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Minibeasts of Phillip Island Millowl. Land insects, spiders, molluscs and crustaceans

$19.99 AUD

Writer, environmentalist and historian Christine Grayden draws on over 40 years of volunteering in conservation activities and education on

Phillip Island Millowl to guide young minds through some of the features and behavior of a variety of minibeasts that go about much of their busy lives above the soil on this often busy island.

With 30 pages of engaging text illustrated by over 100 wonderful colour photographs taken on the island by many local photographers, this book aims to encourage children to dive into the fascinating realm of the minibeasts. Includes map of the best free places to explore for minibeasts on Phillip Island Millowl.

The Lost Blanket $19.99 (AUD)

Author(s): Christine Grayden

Picture Paperbacks

Late at night, tired from the long drive home from their holiday, the family discovers they have left their favorite picnic blanket behind.

Now it’s dark, and the park is too far away to go back. What will happen to their lovely blue check blanket? How long will the lost blanket stay lost?
Through story and color pencil drawings with added clock faces and digital clock screens, we discover just how many adventures a lost blanket can have over two days! The book includes four bonus pages of animal sketches and story-writing space for young artists to create their own picture story, plus a beetle to find on each page - children can make up their own little story about the green beetle!

Also see the YouTube channel: Christine G's writing potpourri for a reading by Christine of this children's book:

Churchill Island - History and Her Story $32.99 (AUD)

ALL the money from the sale of this book go to the Friends of Churchill Island Society (FOCIS)

Author(s): Patricia Baird (Original Author); Christine Grayden (Editor, Contribution by); David Maunders (Contribution by, Editor)

History | Local Interest

A social history of Churchill Island

This is the 3rd edition of Churchill Island:  History and Her Story and is a tribute to Patricia Baird and all those who have cared for this piece of our local history. This edition was revised by Christine Grayden and David Maunders and now includes information about the period of first contact between local Aboriginal communities and white settlers. Dr David Tutchener, archaeologist, provided guidance on the chapters involving early contact between colonial power representatives and local Bunurong people.

Pat Baird took a novel approach to writing Churchill Island's history, dividing the history into eras and giving an historical account followed by an original story giving an imagined account of the lives of women on Churchill Island. Christine and David were careful to revise the book with great respect to Pat's original concept, and also revising and adding to both the information and the women's stories.

This book is also available from Friends of Churchill Island Society Inc. Why not take out a membership subscription or make a tax deductible donation while on their website?

Books by Christine Grayden available for free download:

Two conservation-related books available as free pdf from among the documents on the website of the Phillip Island Conservation Society:

An Island Worth Conserving: A History of the Phillip Island Conservation Society, 1968-2008, Christine Grayden. © Phillip Island Conservation Society, 2008.

This book is not just the history of the first 40 years of one of Australia's first community environmental organisations, but also a history of human impact on the Phillip Island Millowl environment. Christine was awarded the Collaborative category for the Victorian Community History Awards in 2009 for this book.

Women in Conservation on Phillip Island. Editor Christine Grayden. © Phillip Island Conservation Society, 2018.

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These books are also available as free pdfs to download.

Compiled and edited by Christine Grayden for the Phillip Island & District Historical Society inc.

If you make use of this material for research or reading enjoyment, why not join the Phillip Island & District Historical Society Inc, or make a donation while visiting their website? Donations are tax deductible.

Churchill Island Queen Victoria-era owner Alderman Samuel Amess. A resource document, available as free pdf through Friends of Churchill Island (FOCIS) website here:

Samuel Amess: His Life and Times. A resource book. by Christine Grayden, 2016.
The Amess Family owned Churchill Island from 1872 until 1929. Samuel Amess,
stonemason, builder, Melbourne City Council Alderman, was the patriarch of
the family.

"Whispers from the Past" a play by David Maunders and Christine Grayden to commemorate
150 years since the building of Amess House and planting of the Homestead Norfolk Island
pine tree on Victorian Heritage listed Churchill Island, Moonah mia. The play has been
turned into a YouTube video, screenplay by Christine Grayden. You can view it here:

Available as free pdf direct from me:
Some Practical DYI, Cost-Free Strategies for Coping with Anxiety.

30 drug- and cost-free DYI strategies compiled by me with contributions from friends and associates.

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